This is a 60 minutes presentation where you will hear about what meditation is, what it is not and why you would want to bring a daily meditation practice into your life. Also you will learn about the benefits of meditation, including the fact that meditation can serve you as de-stressing technique. I will go over basics of meditation, the experiences you might have during meditating and explain what a mantra is and why it is useful. After that I will guide you through a 15 minutes, silent mantra-based breath awareness meditation. By the end of this presentation, you will have a better idea about meditation, how you can make it a part of your everyday routine and what is in it for you. 

This session is available for groups only and is offered complimentary.

If you are intrigued by meditation and would like to participate in an Introduction to Meditation presentation, please get in touch. I will be happy to inform you about the next available session!

If you want to bring an Introduction to Meditation presentation to your community just send a note and I will work with you to make arrangements.

Sessions are available in English, Spanish & Portuguese.

I met Almeiri at the perfect moment in my life. I was starting to get serious about my meditation practice, but was having trouble sticking to it and getting deeper each time I meditated. Almeiri helped me develop my meditation practice and showed me how easy it could be to really get into it. With her help and Primordial Sound Meditation, I have been able to further my meditation practice with great results. It has helped me be more calm and balanced and in general just more tuned in to the Universe.
— Alexa S.