Primordial Sound Meditation is a very specific type of meditation that uses the silent repetition of a personal mantra with no meaning to help us quiet our inner dialogue. This takes our awareness away from the level of the mind, so that we can experience a deeper expanded silence, which is the source of all our thinking and all of our doing. 

In Primordial Sound Meditation, you will receive a personal mantra that is related to the resonance of the vibration that the Universe was making at the moment you were born. Your personal mantra is calculated using Vedic Mathematics and is based on the date, time and location of your birth.

Once your Primordial Sound mantra has been determined, I will teach you how to use it on a daily basis to help you restore balance and infuse more love and mindful attention to your thoughts, actions and reactions. It will allow you to stay away from the triggers of worry, anger and pain. 

Primordial Sound Meditation can be learned through one-on-one mentoring or group. Classes are taught in four sessions spaced over a period of just a few days. The process unfolds as follows:

Session One (60-90 minutes):
Instructions on the basic principles of meditation, including its history and the importance of the mantra technique.

Session Two (10 to 15 minutes):
Personal instruction with the Primordial Sound mantra. This will be your first experience meditating using your own Primordial Sound mantra.

Session Three (60-90 minutes):
Instruction on appropriate ways to create a successful daily mediation practice. You will have an opportunity to share experiences and get answers to any questions that have come up in your new meditation practice. 

Session Four (60-90 minutes):
In the final session, you will be instructed more about the higher states of consciousness that can be achieved with regular Primordial Sound Meditation practice. 

Scheduling Format
The four classes can be taught in a minimum of two consecutive days or spread out over several days or once a week. Example:

Day 1: Session 1
Day 2: Sessions 2 and 3
Day 3: Session 4

Sessions are available in English, Spanish & Portuguese.